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When do I need to apply?

You can submit your application form as soon as you feel ready.  We will be collecting expressions of interest from students by December and final options choices and applications should be received by 31st January 2022.


What do I need to get in my GCSEs to join the Sixth Form?

The entry requirement will depend on your chosen pathway.  If you are choosing to study A Levels only, you will need to have achieved a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 5 or above, including English and Maths.  Some subjects will have individual entry requirements, these include Science A Levels subjects and Mathematics, where you would be expected to have a 6 in that subject.  To study Further Maths you will need to have achieved at least a 7 in GCSE Mathematics. 


If you are choosing to study Vocational courses, such as Level 3 BTECs and Diploma courses, you will need to have achieved 5 GCSE grades at 4 or above, including English and Mathematics.  


All students will receive guidance and information to ensure that they are on the right courses for them to achieve.


What if I change my mind about what subjects I want to do?

We understand that choosing your courses is a very important decision.  Although we ask you to select courses on your application form in January 2022, you can reselect your chosen courses on enrolment, in August, as long as there are no clashes with the courses/option blocks and you meet the entry requirements.  


What if I don’t meet the entry requirements to do my chosen courses?

On receipt of your results, we will be able to offer you individual and personalised guidance in order to ensure that you are on the right courses.  Given the wide range of Level 3 courses on offer, we are confident that we will be able to guide you onto a suitable pathway that will ensure you achieve success. 


Will I be able to do any combination of subjects?

You will be able to choose any combination of subjects that fit into the option blocks.  The option blocks have been designed with detailed care and attention  to ensure that they allow students on designated pathways to be able to select the necessary combination of subjects. 


Can I do A levels and BTECs?

Yes, you will be able to select a combination of both A Levels and BTEC/Diplomas.  Many students do this and find the varied assessment structure very helpful.


Will all courses run?

It is our aim to ensure that we are able to offer the full range of courses.  In the rare incident that extremely low numbers of students are selecting the course, we will need to review the viability of the course running.  In some cases this means that a course might not run.


How many hours of taught lessons does each subject receive?

The timetable runs on a two week basis.  Each subject area typically gets ten hours of teacher taught lessons per fortnight.


How will I know which subjects to take for my chosen career path?

I encourage you to look at the subject videos, where you will find a wealth of information about links to career destinations.  Pathway consultations will take place with students between November and December and these will offer you more bespoke one to one guidance. Please also refer to the subject information sheet that you will find in the subject area.  You will also receive detailed guidance from a member of SLT (internal students) in an interview between February and March. In addition to this we have a Careers adviser based in school, Emma Jackson, who is available for appointments throughout the year.  Please email her at  You will also be able to speak with subject teachers and will be offered an appointment to speak with an experienced member of staff on results day. 


What support will I get in Sixth Form?

When in Sixth Form, you will receive an abundance of dedicated support and guidance.  This will be through a dedicated tutor/mentor who will support you throughout your two years with us.  You will also receive support from the Learning Intervention Manager, Mrs Thomas, who is dedicated to supporting progress of all Year 12 students.  In addition, there will be access to mentoring including peer mentoring.  Subject staff will be focussed on guiding you throughout your time here.  The small class size allows bespoke and dedicated support for all Sixth Form students. 

The Sixth Form also benefits from having it's own hub with a dedicated Sixth Form student manager, Mrs Greeney. Together with the Director of Sixth Form they are available on a daily basis for academic or pastoral issues.


I want to study Medicine at University, what support will I get to ensure I achieve this?

Each year we have a number of students who move on successfully to secure a place on a Medicine Course.  As a member of HC6F, you will have access to a programme of support designed around this pathway.  This includes access to essential Work Experience, support from alumni students studying medicine, help with your early entry University application and access to the Elite Pathway programme. 


I want to apply to Oxford/Cambridge, what support will I get to ensure I am able to make a good application and be prepared for this process? 

We are delighted with the number of students that we have who move on to study at Oxford and Cambridge.  Students who are interested in this will be given access to the Elite Pathway programme.  They will also receive bespoke mentoring for their UCAS personal statements  and the Oxford/Cambridge entry process. HC6F has enjoyed all the best rates of entry to Oxford and Camebridge for a state school in the north-west with students starting courses from PPE, Politica Science, Mathematics, English Literature, Psychological Behavioural Studies & History. 

Holmes Chapel 6th Form

Frequently Asked Questions

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