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Whilst learning is obviously our priority, life as a student in our Sixth Form has its other benefits as well, these include:


Team Building Events


Team Building events occur regularly throughout the year and include Inter-House tournaments, Alternative Olympics, Charity and numerous Social events organised by the Student Leadership Team.


Extra-Curricular Activities


A number of extra-curricular opportunities exist for students at Holmes Chapel Sixth Form College. These include:


  • Musical instrument tuition and concerts

  • Sporting clubs (as members of a team or leading lower school groups)

  • Afri-twin (twinning with a school in South Africa)

  • Annual Ski-trip

  • Gifted and talented summer school

  • Community volunteering (e.g. work as a teaching assistant)

  • Participation in the National Citizen Service programme

  • Debating clubs and competitions

  • Student Leadership Team

  • Theatre trips (organised by the English and Arts faculties but open to all)

  • Study visits, lecture tours, fieldwork and residential workshops in a variety of subjects

  • Quizzes etc exclusively for Sixth Formers

Student Life

Gifted and Talented

At Holmes Chapel Sixth Form Centre we pride ourselves on our carefully developed programme for supporting and stretching our most able students. This is done through an eclectic range of opportunities both in and out of the curriculum and the school day. These include:


Targeted support within the curriculum 


  • Early identification and targeted support by A level teachers

  • Individual support for students in aiming for the A* grade


Opportunities to work with younger G&T students


  • Receive training to become a Learning Mentor to work with G&T students in lower years

  • Support G&T initiatives within your specialist subject areas

  • Support our annual G&T Summer School as a 6th Form Assistant


Access to local and national G&T opportunities


  • Get involved in Archaeology and Anthropology, capitalizing on our links with Professors from Leeds and York universities at a local `dig` site, just for fun or as a particular interest

  • Link up with other G&T students around the country through involvement with the YG&T (Young, Gifted and Talented) programme.


Support with university links and applications


  • Supported involvement in pre-university courses such as Med-Link and Vet-Link which increase your chances of UCAS places where competition is high

  • Experience of life at universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, with organized residential visits and sessions with admissions tutors

  • Links with students at top universities who are keen, willing and able to tell you how it really is and how they got there

  • Understanding and support through the additional tests needed for different courses, particularly for Law, Medicine and Dentistry

Student Voice

Every year 6th Form Students are requested, by way of a formal questionnaire, to express their views on the 6th form. These are some of the things they said...

I like the relationship between staff and students; the difference from being in lower school

Students have freedom and opportunities. Teachers are helpful and treat us as proper college students.

If I am struggling with any aspect of my studies I know there is someone there to help me...

There is a good atmosphere making it easy to learn. It is much more relaxed, students get more respect. Also I have the opportunity to become a more rounded student with work experience and residential course so that I have a better chance of getting into university.

I most like the amount of help we have off our teachers and the amount of time they set aside to help us.

I like the relationship between staff and students; the difference from being in lower school

It is a close community and everyone is friendly and I feel comfortable with other students I don't know very well.

6th Form only facilities such as the bistro ,common room and study area really help create the college feel.

The environment is well managed and very relaxed, but also with the mentality of hard work.

I like the general atmosphere around 6th form and in lessons - enjoyable and challenging.

'Vertical' tutor groups mean I have friends in both Year 12 and Year 13.

We also listen to feedback from our students, here are a few of the things we have improved as a result of 6th form student voice:

Coming to college only when you have lessons... biometric signing in and out of the 6th form block... our own toilets... students evaluating teaching and learning methods and feeding back to staff... more creative lessons... more efficient ways of getting notes... greater use of praise.

And the good news is we are getting better all the time, working with our students to keep improving.

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